Small Business Majority

Aug 7, 2020

1 min read

Immigrants are essential to our small business communities

In open defiance of the Supreme Court, the Trump Administration is attempting to end protections for Dreamers. In my time working to advance the economic prosperity of Latino owned small businesses, I have a hard time recalling a more foolish decision.

Immigrants are among America’s most prolific small business owners, and they make our economy stronger, more diverse, and inclusive. Dreamers are more likely to start their own business than native-born Americans, and in 2019, about in 1 in 4 new entrepreneurs was an immigrant.

I often work with Dreamers who are paving the way in their industries. If the Administration is successful in ending DACA, our nation will experience a loss of $280 billion in economic growth.

At a time when our economy — and specifically the small business community — is suffering from one of the greatest downturns in history, ending DACA will hamper Main Street recovery for decades to come.

Xiomara Peña
California Program Director & National Latino Entrepreneurship Director
Small Business Majority